Wicked Smiles

They smiled, looking askance,
a poisonous gleam shining
in those dark seductive eyes.
Conspiring, tempting, entrapping
all at once. There was menace
in those perfectly white teeth,
sharp as razors, a glint of pure evil.

There was laughter in their speech,
a devilish sound, so sweet, so perfect,
yet, so inexplicably wrong.
It was like honey, dark golden honey,
it was toxic, like a most
sinister poison. Our ears burnt
with the sweet miserable torture.

They summoned us to their dark dens.
We went with our hearts tempted.
They called us to do their bidding.
We slaved for hours knowing nothing.
Our souls were drawn, slashed and eaten,
yet, we smiled and nodded as if
in a trance, utterly destroyed.