A Woman’s World

She is but a commodity,
forever was, forever will be.
Inherently flawed, born as a she,
her gender: her chains,
her gender: her fame.

It is a double world,
a duel tragedy.
She is but a thing,
pretty makes perfect,
smart has no gains.

Ambition: a disaster,
the ultimate destruction.
Life spent near a crib,
pampering and cooing,
perfect illusion of happiness.

Conformity, unacceptable,
the ultimate depression
Life spent on the edge,
soaring while defying,
perfect illusion of victory.

No winning for a woman
in this world:
a man’s world,
not a woman’s world,
never a woman’s world,
no matter how many
are born into it.

Disclaimer: The song belongs to the awesome Irish band, The Script! It is titled, ‘We cry’ and is perhaps one of my all time favorites! 😀 Enjoy! 😀