You Ask About My World At Your Own Risk

The world is a strange place:
Its men sick, its women desperate.
We came to this world to play a part
but who knew our act was so clichéd?
What is easy for them is difficult for us.
Why? Because, God made us
of the female flesh!

When nature’s balance is toppled over:
a woman taking a man’s position,
egos are hurt and tears are shed,
for both men and by all women.
Secrets are kept for better or for the worst,
in this strange grey building,
which has become our world.

A/N: In my country, sadly, engineering remains a male dominated field. So, in the famous grey building of the chemical engineering department of my university, the colourful presence of female students was a rare sight. It should have made no difference, however, unfortunately, it did. What conspired as a result is history and prediction combined! This was our world where things were said, done and insinuated where they should never have been!


  1. PookyH · October 23, 2013

    Where are you living? I fear this is true internationally too. I was talking to a female colleague today who is the soul female worker alongside 50 men in her role (engineering Airbus wings). I’m in the UK and we like to think ourselves forward thinking…

    • anumshafique · October 24, 2013

      I am living in Pakistan. I felt similarly when I visited England. Even there, hardcore engineering is considered a male-dominated field. But I suppose it is the attitude which matters. The attitude towards women in engineering needs to change in my country. 😦 No matter how good you are at engineering, you are not considered good enough to be one. Because you are a woman… 😦

      • PookyH · October 24, 2013

        How did you come to be an engineer in a climate like that? It seems impossible. You’ve clearly worked / fought hard!

        • anumshafique · October 24, 2013

          Well someone has to step up and change their minds… 😉

          • PookyH · October 24, 2013

            Well that’s true – well done you!

  2. drewdog2060drewdog2060 · November 16, 2013

    When I studied at University College of Swansea in the early 1990’s practically all (if not all) of those who studied mechanical engineering where men. I studied history and politics and the ratio of men to women in those subjects was rather more balanced. It isn’t just women who have a hard time in the workforce. I am disabled (blind) and am lucky enough to have a good job. However disabled people are far more likely to be out of work in the UK than are those who are not disabled. I am writing this using software called Jaws which converts text into speech and braille allowing me to use a standard Windows computer.

    • anumshafique · November 17, 2013

      Oh wow, thank you for sharing your experience. I suppose I shouldn’t feel that the situation is less than ideal in my country only. If society believes you are incapable of achieving something, you need to work triple as hard as others to prove your own capability.

      It is really inspirational to hear your story! I feel sad for those unfortunate people who lost a good employee in you, thinking that your disability was more important than what you had to offer. I always believe that the disability is in the mind. If you believe you can do something, you’ll find a way to do it!

      Thank you once again for your comment. Cheers!

      • drewdog2060drewdog2060 · November 17, 2013

        You are right, the disability is often in the mind and if you really want to achieve something you will find a way to do so. I am employed by the civil service who have a good reputation for employing disabled people (the public sector does, generally have a better reputation than the private/commercial sector for employing disabled people but things are, very gradually changing). Are there any disabled people at your university? I’ve never visited Pakistan but would be interested in doing so one day.

        • anumshafique · November 18, 2013

          I haven’t ever come across any. I hope you do and that you enjoy your visit! 🙂

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