On Flying and Setting Free

You were here, always here,
it was I, who was nowhere
to be found.
I lived in some other dimension.
I travelled through other galaxies.
You are still here, stuck there.
And I? I am still travelling farther
away from all.
Let me fly, let me soar,
don’t hold me back.
Let me run, let me fall,
but don’t stop me.
With that, I set you free.
Go conquer the world,
make your own world,
or go with the flow.
Live your life as you want it to be,
and let me fly my own flights;
let me be, let me be.


  1. Hanne T. Fisker · March 20, 2014

    Yes, yes and yes!!! Soaring on freedoms winds that where we are meant to be…

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