Two equals can never meet
but in sweet silent dreams.
No gigantic forces of
repulsion standing between
the two who were meant to be;
just soft hues of energy
holding them together in
lands of joy, beauty and love.

In the far away NeverLand of dreams
where pure honey flows in streams,
dodo birds, fly in flocks
time stands still, no ticking clocks,
we shall meet as equals,
as partners, not opponents,
fighting the same battles
and winning epic wars of love.

But she’s your opposite,
the one you talk of:
your perfect match.
Opposites attract even
outside dreams.
You can love her in real as
you can only dream of me;
as I, you.

So, I shall dream, leave me to it.
You go. Find her- your soul mate.
Leave me. Let me be.
Forever in NeverLand.

A/n: The image is from Disney’s depiction of “Peter Pan”. 🙂

We were but children


We were but children, I reckon:
living in our own fantasies,
laughing at our own jokes,
crying at our miserly miseries.

In those childish days, I used
to find your smile contagious.
It was like a sweet disease,
painless, yet so dangerous.

We were but kids, I suppose:
playing games, always smiling.
No one imagined life a play,
a sinister err, almost killing.

And here we stand separated,
forever, travelling,
forever, in opposing directions.
But children know not the pain of parting.

So, we grew up into adults, I reckon:
knowing not how to smile
or play games or live.
We just pass through this life-senile,
knowing not who we are,
what we want, what we live for.

We just pass through this stage,
looking for ourselves, finding no more
than mere trinkets to keep our hearts beating;
and through life, let our minds keep running.

A/n: The artistic photograph inspiring this post was a piece by Joana Kruse titled “Growing up”
It can be viewed here:


Faith is a dangerous thing.
It makes you see things that aren’t there,
and it makes you unsee things that are.
But faith is not a wrong thing,
for who is to say things
that you don’t see are really there,
and things that you do, aren’t?

A/n: The image is a creation of Octavio Ocampo titled: “Forever Always”