A reckoning it was,
that we were mismatched.
Swore not to go there,
swore to move on,
promised myself to
let you go.



I couldn’t hold back,
checked once again.
And there it was
the most beautiful things
written for the world to
see and perceive.



I couldn’t keep hoping,
I couldn’t keep waiting.
‘Impossible,’ my mind
persuaded the heart.
‘Let go. Let go.’
The heart chanted.



‘One more peek and
that is it.’
The heart pleaded;
the mind conceded.
There it was,
a surprise for both.



‘I thought I knew you.
I thought I had you figured,’
poor mind thought.



‘I felt you weren’t so.
I felt you were different,’
poor heart felt.
‘I don’t want to fall
harder than before!’
They both exclaimed.

A/n: ‘Poe inspires Poetry’ is the theme my friends. If you want to share something related to the theme of the week, leave a link in the comments below and I promise to read and leave a comment. Also, to encourage sharing, I promise to reblog the best poem shared under the week’s theme.

Today’s poem was inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s poem, “A dream within a dream.” I hope you can spot the connection. 🙂

Snippet – Constantly Moving

Some may call it constantly on the move, forward thinking, forward moving, etc… But that is not who I am. I am a person suspended in time, unable to find roots, unable to set in anywhere permanent. I fear it will stagnate me, transforming me into a pool of filth that will be home to none but a swarm of mosquitoes.

But then there was a moment, a spark that ignited a dying flame. It made me want to stay, it demanded I come to a halt. Alas, it was too late, as I had already driven things into a momentum, unbreakable. I was already in an orbit around the Sun, and that spark, that ignited flame burnt out on Earth. I was flying away from its source – itself oblivious to my predicament. My heart called out for it, but the momentum could not be broken, so my body detached itself from those ugly veins and those filthy arteries. It left the heart on Earth and reached up for the sky. I felt suspended again. In time, in space. I had no roots. I was a soul without a heart and that without a body, forever stagnated into motion.

A/n: Hey folks, it is still “Poe Inspires Poetry” week here on, but today I felt like starting something new. This is a new series: little snippets  of prose. I hope these tiny pieces will encourage me to write more and finally get a short story up from time to time. I am really struggling with those at the moment.

Feedback would be great! Enjoy!

Thought # 16 – Chances Are you prepared to be either very happy or very sorry? Yes. No. Maybe. I don't know.



You may call me a
witch or a wench.
But the truth remains:
in my rejection
you are bound to find
a blessing greater
than reciprocation.

A/n: As you all know it is “Poe Inspires Poetry” week on, today’s poem is inspired by the following verses of Edgar Allan Poe’s poem, “Dreamland”
I hope you enjoyed. 🙂

“Never its mysteries are exposed
To the weak human eye unclosed;”

Soul Mates?

A/n: This week is going to be a little different and definitely more exciting. I am going to write about love/romance but all of my poems will be inspired by the works of Edgar Allan Poe. I cannot match the genius of the man, but to be inspired is something that cannot be helped.
Just a note, his words may or may not be about the same subject matter. 🙂

Today’s poem is inspired by the following lines from the beautiful poem “Annabel Lee”

And neither the angels in heaven above,
Nor the demons down under the sea,
Can ever dissever my soul from the soul
Of the beautiful Annabel Lee.

Soul Mates?

You were a piece of the puzzle,
that was my heart and soul.
You had gone missing
since the day I was born.
When I first saw your heart,
read through your soul,
the missing pieces of mine
started beating in you.
Half of me was lost in you
never to be found or fixed.
All of me was in pain,
all of me was suffering.
And then you were gone,
my missing pieces still with you.
I was left, bereft with empty
holes to bear and mend.
And you went on to live
burying those pieces away,
pretending they never were;
ensuring they never would be
found again.

Thought # 15 – Letting Go The first step towards letting something go is the realization that it needs to be let go off. I lack that realization...


Many a souls lost their minds in the temples of men.
Countless lost souls touched insanity in temples of women.
But think of that one who lost everything in God’s?
‘Hu Allah, Hu Allah,” he called the One up high.
“Haq Allah, Haq Allah,” he screamed, tears in his eyes.

“Faithless!” the clergy pronounced him,
“Madness!” society’s din.
But think of that one who cares not.
“Hu Allah, Hu Allah,” he called out to his Beloved.
“Haq Allah, Haq Allah,” he praised his Benefactor.

A/n: The weeks theme shall be Spirituality. If you want to share a little something of your wonderful creation relevant to the theme, do so via the comments below. I promise to read and leave a comment! 😀

Thought # 13 – Who were those people?

I wonder who were those people, who used to write love letters and poems to woe others? They used to write ballads, which gained fame after their loss. They used to break and their brokenness went down in history- immortal and unforgettable. Now, everything, has become cursory, unromantic, and a little dreamless. Now people say three words and get everything, but only for the pleasure of a few moments…

Thought # 12

Is it strange that I think a part of me has already died?
Is it odd that I, sometimes, believe only my shell survives and my soul lives in the beyond?
Is it wrong that the image of that departed soul that resides within me now, breathing pointlessly, craves to be reunited with that which lies beyond?
Is it normal that I feel empty from the inside when these thoughts wash over me?


Wheel of Life

Her wings were clipped,
helpless, she stood.
A reaper of death did
solemnly stand before her.
The scythe was raised up high
lightening fell from the sky.
Thunder struck her ear drums,
then the blade struck her flesh:
bone, rib, lungs, heart…
She fell. Tears bled from
eyes as black as the ocean at night.

“Faery of Thumberbath-
Immortal since Cumberbatch.
I declare thee dead.”

A/n: The image was retrieved from:


How long does forever last, ever wonder?
Sometimes, it lasts as long as a second’s torment.
Sometimes, as long as a moment’s happiness.
Sometimes, a lifetime’s misery.
Sometimes, an eternity of good deeds.

Forever, is a fickle thing. Infinity’s length unknown.
Forever, is a smile that turns your world round.
Forever, is indifference that pulls you down unto the ground.
Forever, is nothing but a thought of what ifs.
Forever, is everything but the thought of what ifs.



When real dreams turn
into fictional reality,
the world’s laws crumble.
You forget your place,
and humanity stands obliviated.
Two of each exist in your mind,
one- the real one,
one- your one.


A/n: This is inspired from someone who baffles everyone with their actions. The sad part is, I think they bewilder themselves too. 😦
Remember the theme for next week is eternity. So if you have anything to share regarding the theme, please do through a comment below! 😀

La Douleur Exquise

Wanting to be wanted-
nothing but a castaway thought.
Forgetting I’m forgotten-
wasting away in the rot.

A/n: Starting from tomorrow, this week is going to be all about eternity <—- theme of the week! 😉
So, stay tuned folks. 🙂
And remember, if you have written something related to this, don’t forget to share a link with me in the comments below. I promise to read and respond. But remember, it SHOULD be related to the theme. 😀

Fault of the Eye and the Tongue

He was a stout little man,
scurrying about the office,
sniffing out faults,
throwing silly jibes everywhere.

One day his little eye caught
her ameliorating beauty.
It was not right, he knew.
He knew too that she knew.
But tempting fate, he said,
“Every day bringeth more
beauty to thy face!”
Shamed, she left,
never feeling safe.

He was a fat little chap,
pretending to own himself,
and the place to dwell.
He was silly, they all knew,
but stupid, he was not.

Yet one day, he caught sight
of glittering gold in her possession.
Could he resist the touch?
No? So, it was said,
“What this be?”
Admiring her things from afar
was forgiven,
but to touch without permission
was forbidden.

He was tall, dark, and handsome too.
Women swooned and blushed
in his presence, all wooed.
He had eyes for one
pretty thing, unapproachable.
So he stared and admired
her face, her body, her all.

Far away he was, but she felt
naked in his eyes.
Ashamed, she drew her walls
far up high.
Insecurities plummeting
from thousand feet on top;
her head pounding under
the pressure of the fall.



If you die right this second
would it all be worth it?

A/n: My simple response to the question whether existence is pointless, if everything is pointless or not… 😀

Thought #3

Click-click. I feel connected with you. Click-click. Disconnected again.

A/n: From now on, there is going to be  a separate category for these thoughts! 😀 Stay tuned and if you wanna share a thought (one liner) or some wordplay, leave a link in the comments.