Snippet – Constantly Moving

Some may call it constantly on the move, forward thinking, forward moving, etc… But that is not who I am. I am a person suspended in time, unable to find roots, unable to set in anywhere permanent. I fear it will stagnate me, transforming me into a pool of filth that will be home to none but a swarm of mosquitoes.

But then there was a moment, a spark that ignited a dying flame. It made me want to stay, it demanded I come to a halt. Alas, it was too late, as I had already driven things into a momentum, unbreakable. I was already in an orbit around the Sun, and that spark, that ignited flame burnt out on Earth. I was flying away from its source – itself oblivious to my predicament. My heart called out for it, but the momentum could not be broken, so my body detached itself from those ugly veins and those filthy arteries. It left the heart on Earth and reached up for the sky. I felt suspended again. In time, in space. I had no roots. I was a soul without a heart and that without a body, forever stagnated into motion.

A/n: Hey folks, it is still “Poe Inspires Poetry” week here on, but today I felt like starting something new. This is a new series: little snippets  of prose. I hope these tiny pieces will encourage me to write more and finally get a short story up from time to time. I am really struggling with those at the moment.

Feedback would be great! Enjoy!