Snippet # 4 – Mentors

In life, you come across only a few who can be truly deemed mentor material. You know you would learn much from their genius and from the vastness of their experience. What you don’t know is that in real life they do not stick around for too long. By the time you really start learning from them, their departure draws closer and the curtains start falling on your chapter with them.

Of thoughts and wars. Of dreams and dreads. Of hope and the loss of hope.

Thoughts are endless.
I thought I would leave it.
But you evaded perception.
Surprises are surprising.
And you surprised the unsurprising.
I thought you would know.
I dreaded you would find out.
I wanted you to not to.
But you did.

Thoughts are endless.
I thought you would stay.
But you elude me now.
You leave before I leave.
The good die young.
The best leave early.
And you were the best of worst of the best.
You thought I wouldn’t know.
I dreaded to know.
I wanted not to.
But I did.

Thoughts are endless.
I thought they would diminish.
I thought these paths shall be cleared.
But thoughts are thoughts.
They are flimsy.
They are airy.
They can’t be caught.
They can’t always be brought to life.
We were defeated.
Our sword thrown down endless chasms of hopeless conjectures.
Our hope was crushed.
Our souls were beaten.
Tears were shed.
You never dreamed to see mine.
I always dreaded to see yours.
But dreams and dreads are all flimsy too.
Because we want tears not to be shed.
But they are.


Thought # 35 The worst thing about invisible threads is that they can't be cut.
The worst thing about real visible ones is that they can be.
Thought # 33 – Lines If lives were like lines, most would run parallel, some would converge on each other, most would diverge out again after meeting at a point. Few would converge, meet and turn to become circles - eternal.
Thought # 32 – Relativity Ten months can be a very long time, It can also be a very short one...


Some dreams are meant to be crushed.
An ax to the heart-veins cut, arteries gushing.
Some thoughts are meant to be shushed.
A clamp to the tongue, invisible in the head.
Some dreams are meant to be crushed.
A club to the mind that yearns to be undone.

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Thought # 27 – Truth They say 'The truth is out there,' but no one explains 'truth about what?' or 'out where?'
Thought # 26 – Appropriate? When it comes to love, there is no such thing as appropriate.
Thought # 25 – Lost It is interesting to meet someone new now and then, but it is the most terrifying of things when that someone new is yourself.


Who are we if not
lost creatures of God on earth,
wondering adrift?

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Thought # 24 – Problem As long as you and I know, the rest of the world doesn't matter, right? But the problem is that only I know. You are oblivious.

Breezy Memories

Childhood days-
breezy memories.
Our parents’ youth,
many moments merry.
Let’s forget not,
in this life- a mere reverie.

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Starting from tomorrow, the theme of the week will be “Haiku“. So enjoy! 🙂

Thought # 23 – Questions Your questions, I cannot answer. Not because I cannot know the answer. But because, I never thought of them as questions.
Thought # 22 – The Right Thing It may not be so apparent yet, but I know in my heart that I did the right thing.
Thought # 21 – Soul Mates It was sad. He had met his soul mate. She had met hers too. It just wasn't him. It was another him. What was the saddest? The other him didn't believe in soul mates.

Restless Rumba

Their restless
rumba of
did nothing
to dissuade her.
But his one
move changed
the very
meaning of

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Thought # 20 – To be or not to be To be or not to be faithful. A question that has plagued humanity since its birth. If only it could be answered. If only there was a need for it to be answered.