Snippet # 2 – Life

They all say that life is unfair, that mother nature is a bitch, that life is always ready to screw things over for you, that the universe tends to work against you more than it aids your cause etcetera etcetera etcetera…

There is no denying that life is anything but tragic- a downward trajectory. Yet, life is beautiful. Do you know why? Life is beautiful, because there is no beauty in bliss, there is no beauty in perfection and there is no beauty in the rise. Beauty always associates itself with tragedy, with imperfection and with the fall of a risen star. There is beauty in destruction. There is beauty in depression. There is beauty in the fall and there is beauty in the depth of that fall. There is beauty in breaking down.

But, that is not the only thing that makes life beautiful. What makes life the most exquisite of entities in the world, the most mesmerizing of things in the universe and the most compelling of temptations in the here and beyond is the rise after that fall. Life is beautiful, because it gives you everything and then it takes it all away. Then it lets you suffer and repent and cry in misery, just to give you a second chance. It lets you fall and then it picks you up again, making you a tougher, purified, grander version of the self you were before.


  1. todessakane2013 · May 5, 2014


    You have wonderfully explained what we all know, but often fail to admit, like sucks but its beautiful anyway, so just enjoy it 🙂

    Loved this, thank you for sharing 🙂

    • anumshafique · May 5, 2014

      No, Thank YOU for reading and appreciating Ms. Kane! 😀

      • todessakane2013 · May 5, 2014

        How could I not appreciate the truth that when spoken resonates within my own heart? 🙂

        • anumshafique · May 5, 2014

          You are sweet to say that! 🙂

          • todessakane2013 · May 5, 2014

            Have a lovely week my precious friend and God bless you lots 🙂

            • anumshafique · May 6, 2014

              Aww thank you! You too! 🙂

              • todessakane2013 · May 6, 2014


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