1. Ali · June 21, 2014

    Or a slave who has just been manumitted

  2. ailsamacnab · June 21, 2014

    Easier said than done sometimes…

  3. deadpoetdormis2 · June 21, 2014

    this works on paper but not in real life…

    • anumshafique · June 22, 2014

      What can work on paper can indeed work in real life too. It is the mind that writes and it is the mind that does! 😉

      • deadpoetdormis2 · June 22, 2014

        well I think it is the soul that writes and the soul does not follow any rule other than what is… 🙂

        • anumshafique · June 22, 2014

          But what is soul apart from that which inhabits the mind?

          • deadpoetdormis2 · June 23, 2014

            Soul is a state of consciousness, a spirit, a divine spark, an eternal fire. If you call that mind well I guess then it’s mind to you.

            • anumshafique · June 23, 2014

              Well the soul is me, or perhaps I am the soul and the mind my abode so perhaps for me it is. Thank you dormis for such a thought provoking chat! 🙂
              Take care and have a great week ahead! 😀

              • deadpoetdormis2 · June 23, 2014

                U 2! 🙂

              • Bill Wagner · July 21, 2014

                Your blog statement and the comments in this section are mostly very thought provoking. I think as you do (I believe anyway) that the soul and the mind (body-related) are two separate but conjoined entities.

                • anumshafique · July 22, 2014

                  Thank you Bill for visiting my blog. Indeed I do believe that the heart and mind are two separate states of being. Where the heart feels what it feels, the mind has the ability to keep it in check. As long as the work in harmony, life is harmonic, however, when one dominates the other only devastation ensues.

                • anumshafique · July 22, 2014

                  However, the soul is neither the heart nor the mind but it is the I who inhabits both. 🙂

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