Thought # 54 – U 'U' Self-actualization is not hard to achieve. It is hard to maintain.
Thought # 53 – S 'S' Today is a new day, one of many that will take me closer to my dream if only I open my heart to the possibility and try!
Thought # 52 There is only One who can love unconditionally. For the One holds beloved all, the begger, the king, the infidel, the saint, the killer, the martyr. If only one were but to seek the One but once, they would know unconditional love. ~A/n: I have been having some trouble writing lately. So I appologise for the lack of poems and stories coming your way. Hopefully, my thoughts and book reviews won't bore you till my muse returns from their time off? πŸ™‚
Thought # 51 People are never meant to stay. It is only their memories and the part of themselves that they have granted you that is meant to live on within you. People leave all the time, and to come to terms with this equals moving on in life.
Thought # 50 For sure, this is Fated. Lightening doesn't strike the same place twice, unless Fate beckons it towards destruction.
Thought # 49 The world allows you to believe whatever you want to believe. If only we could have learnt a few things from it and become more tolerant too.
Thought # 48 A demon on the outside and a demon inside is a million times better than an angel on the outside and human inside.