Electrostatic Attraction

Aren’t all my rights close to all your wrongs?
Aren’t all my words near your silence of long?

We never talk, yet we have the same say.
We never see the other, yet we look the same way.

The winter chill that creeps around me,
whispers songs of love to your cold heart that noone sees.

The summer bloom in your garden glorious
meets my warm blood on walks clandestinely amorous.

But, all your wrongs are all my rights
and all my silences are your words’ delight.

Once Full, Once Empty

There were no words,
no verses, no songs.
Just a barren space
in that lonely heart,
wounded by despair-
foreign yet of-blood.

No poems were written,
no stories were told.
Songs were left unsung,
All words. Yet, unread.
Only a dark black cloud
shrouded the small sweet soul.

Then lightening struck,
a beating thunder heard,
words showered down,
from the dark black cloud
on the small sad soul,
engulfing every cell,
every wound, every thought.

Despair forgotten
words were written,
songs were sung,
stories undone.

As the cloud cleared,
the sun shone
on the once barren land.
Words were everywhere,
blooming, flourishing
in the garden of HOPE.

Thought # 56 – F 'F' And in time all that is meant to be revealed unveils. You just have to wait with patience and perseverance.
Thought # 55 Why dream big? Coz you need to reach for the stars to get to the moon. 😉