1. Dormis Aeternitas · September 25, 2014

    yeah when someone’s heart is broken – never ask ‘does it hurt.’ Of course, there are wrong questions but they are only wrong because they involve no thought or feeling whatsoever.

    • anumshafique · October 2, 2014

      i would argue that the question ‘does it hurt’ is not wrong or right, it is the preumption that it may not hurt behind it which may be hurtful. However, that argument would put me in the land of the no thought or feeling folks. 😛

      • Dormis Aeternitas · October 3, 2014

        well ‘a woman convinced against her will – remains of the same opinion still.’ I would submit it is ‘relative’ to your state of consciousness, spiritual development, and reality. 🙂

        • anumshafique · October 3, 2014

          Indeed I believe everything is so. 🙂

  2. drewdog2060drewdog2060 · September 25, 2014

    Your title is arresting as “no means no” is frequently used by campaigners against rape to signify a woman’s (or man’s) right to say no to advances of a sexual nature. I hope your week gets better. Take care, Kevin

    • anumshafique · October 2, 2014

      Hi kevin!

      As they say for all good and bad times, the week also passed.
      As for the title, it has multiple layers of meaning, the one you stated being one of them.

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