Taking Flight -For the love of God, don't change the flight of the bird. This bird will lose its wings if it has to bear the trauma once more. -Oh but don't you remember what Iqbal said "Tu Shaheen hai, parwaaz hai kaam tera / Terey samnay asmaan aur bhi hain" (You are an eagle and flight is your vocation / There are other skies stretched out before you)

Her Tale – Chapter 9 (A Crossroad)

There only remained one lesson to be learnt: Life brings you only to one crossroad time and time again. One path leads to what you know but do not want to know, the other to what you think you know and what you wish was true.

Every time you choose the later, you drown a little. Every time you choose the former, you die a little.

A/n: So folks, this is going to be my second last post on this blog. I hope you guys enjoyed my crazy thoughts. Thank you so much for reading and sharing your views too. Take care! Bless you all! 🙂


Her Tale – Chapter 7 (Cleansing)

As the water filled her lungs and the iron hands inevitably strengthened their grip around her lungs, she heaved a sigh and welcomed death. The water did not bring her to an end. Instead, it began to cleanse her insides and the spring of a new life gushed out from her soul. She was no longer drowning, she was rising. She was no longer fading into the darkness of death. Instead, the waves cradled her as she entered into an era of rebirth.

Silence The awkward moment when you read "Silence can never be misquoted" and think "Oh love, you don't know the people I know. They are expert misquoters of EVERYTHING including silence."

Black and White

There was a white dream surrounded by black blotches.
The death of dreams is painful but nothing encompasses,
the bleeding heart that wails at a lost hope
that was hopeless since the beginning of a sad kaleidoscope:
this life with no color but black and white shards
of broken dreams that were never explored.

You stand near me from afar in a window;
the hope that surrounds the empty tears on my pillow,
resonate your hopeless aura in that silhouette framed
in a picturesque darkness of desires inflamed.
The white dreams turn into a dark red nightmare;
blood flowing out our hearts without care,
and we die a little, no screams heard,
just a passing wind, carrying broken wings, but no birds.

And I hope with a heaving heart for a lost cause,
and you move on into a new window with a new vase
that caught your eye, and I stand here deprived,
of a dream that was never meant to be strived
for or against in this world of blackness
that has no light and melts only into a pool of sad demented darkness.

A/n: Inspired by a beautiful painting I saw by Shen Wei today! Hope you enjoy! 

Time Remember, you DO NOT have the time or the energy to change people or try to fix them...

Nunha Farishta

گلِ بہاراں، چمکتا چہرا تیرا
ہنسی تیری، مسکراتا چہرا تیرا۔
کدموں کی چاپ، بھاگنا دوڑنا تیرا
شور و غل تیرا، ڈانٹ دینا میرا۔
کہاں گیا وہ زمانہ میرا؟

دنیا خالی خالی سی ہے تیرے بنا
ننھا سا فرشتہ کہاں رب سے جا ملا۔


جیسا بھی تھا دیس میرا
مٹی کی خشبو میں ماں تو تھی

کہتے تھے سب پردیس اچھا
کمی تھی تو کیا، اپنی تو تھی

وہاں کچھ نہ تھا، پر ماں تو تھی
یہاں سب کچھ بھی ہو تو کچھ نہیں

جب نہ یہ در اپنا، نہ زمیں اپنی
گویا کھو گۓ سے ہیں، نہ خبر اپنی

Diversity The problem is not that we don't have the right government or we don't have the correct system or we don't have sincerity or we don't have the right people... ... ... The problem is we REFUSE to embrace much less celebrate DIVERSITY. We want all to be ONE and we want all to be one as WE WANT one to be. It is an impossible predicament we need to let go off. There is no ONE WAY in any direction. Unity is unique to only ONE. We fail to realize that and hence, move around in circles blaming each other continuously. In the process, we have almost lost our culture, our language, our values and our people.
People They are just that... People... People... Somehow a little different but really just the same...

Her Tale – Chapter 4 (Waves)

Red and pink corals surrounded her and the fish welcomed her with their fluid choreography. However, she could not see their hospitality, because all she could feel was the water in her lungs. Drowning was the only thought that engulfed her. So she did the one thing, she should not have done: she fought the tide, she kicked and shoved against it. The tide responded, and before she knew it, she was shoved to the bottom by an enraged Aegaeon.

Her Tale – Chapter 2 (Past)

In another life she could have been a spy, but never a thief. She got caught too easily and too quickly. The good thing was she always found out when she was caught and knew how to run away. The sad thing was she was never fast enough. The tides always caught up with her. She always drowned.

A/n: I know it is more than a few sentences, but this is an important chapter in Her Tale. 

A Simpler World The world would have been so much simpler if every question had only two possible solutions: A. Yes and B. No, instead of three possible solutions: A. Yes, B. No and C. What If?