Her Tale – Chapter 2 (Past)

In another life she could have been a spy, but never a thief. She got caught too easily and too quickly. The good thing was she always found out when she was caught and knew how to run away. The sad thing was she was never fast enough. The tides always caught up with her. She always drowned.

A/n: I know it is more than a few sentences, but this is an important chapter in Her Tale. 


  1. amoafowaa · December 3, 2014

    Too bad.

    • anumshafique · December 3, 2014

      Is it?

      • amoafowaa · December 3, 2014

        Yes, the ending messes with the emotions, failure.

        • anumshafique · December 3, 2014

          Well in that case I hope you’ll stick around for the next chapter. 😉

          Failure is just a prelude to a tale of epic success, if only one would stick around for the whole story to enfold. 😉

  2. Tanveer Rauf · December 3, 2014

    interesting:) waiting for more

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