Black and White

There was a white dream surrounded by black blotches.
The death of dreams is painful but nothing encompasses,
the bleeding heart that wails at a lost hope
that was hopeless since the beginning of a sad kaleidoscope:
this life with no color but black and white shards
of broken dreams that were never explored.

You stand near me from afar in a window;
the hope that surrounds the empty tears on my pillow,
resonate your hopeless aura in that silhouette framed
in a picturesque darkness of desires inflamed.
The white dreams turn into a dark red nightmare;
blood flowing out our hearts without care,
and we die a little, no screams heard,
just a passing wind, carrying broken wings, but no birds.

And I hope with a heaving heart for a lost cause,
and you move on into a new window with a new vase
that caught your eye, and I stand here deprived,
of a dream that was never meant to be strived
for or against in this world of blackness
that has no light and melts only into a pool of sad demented darkness.

A/n: Inspired by a beautiful painting I saw by Shen Wei today! Hope you enjoy! 


  1. Ada Wiam · December 22, 2014

    Beautiful words and painful thrums underneath them. Wish I cam see that painting…

    • anumshafique · December 22, 2014

      Thank you so much Ada, you can find Shen Wei’s painting online if you google “Shen Wei Paintings”. Generally, his work is a little dark and he uses a lot of black, white, gold and grey colors in his paintings.

      • Ada Wiam · December 27, 2014

        I will check it out. Thank you for the details.

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