Thought # 12

Is it strange that I think a part of me has already died?
Is it odd that I, sometimes, believe only my shell survives and my soul lives in the beyond?
Is it wrong that the image of that departed soul that resides within me now, breathing pointlessly, craves to be reunited with that which lies beyond?
Is it normal that I feel empty from the inside when these thoughts wash over me?


Thought #3

Click-click. I feel connected with you. Click-click. Disconnected again.

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Thought # 1

If you’re smart enough to figure all this out, then I deserve to be caught.

A/n: I am also going to share these random thoughts from now on. Thoughts that describe my whole day. 😀



“What is reality?” they asked.
“Anything that doesn’t last,” I replied.

A/n: The image is titled, “Escape from Reality” by Norman Deunas.

What Is To Write – Guest Post By Anum Safique

I had the great opportunity and honor to be invited as a guest author at by my fellow author Kevin Morris. Check out my post and do pay a visit to Kevin’s lovely blog! 🙂 🙂

K Morris - Poet

Many thanks to Anum Safique for her excellent guest post. Anum’s blog contains a wealth of poetry and other writings many of which have a dark and/or a mysterious theme. You can visit Anum’s blog here,



What is to write?
Writing is not so different from reading. It is only a stronger dose of catharsis. Picking up a beautiful book to read that makes you cry and laugh at the same time, that brings out pent up emotion can be wonderfully relieving. However, it can never match the experience of bleeding out your feelings through the pen.

As a young girl, I used to read fantastical stories about fairies and witches, magic and dragons. I used to love reading about parallel worlds and imaginary creatures. I remember there was a time that I used to live my life through the eyes of Harry Potter, wishing for…

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