Many a souls lost their minds in the temples of men.
Countless lost souls touched insanity in temples of women.
But think of that one who lost everything in God’s?
‘Hu Allah, Hu Allah,” he called the One up high.
“Haq Allah, Haq Allah,” he screamed, tears in his eyes.

“Faithless!” the clergy pronounced him,
“Madness!” society’s din.
But think of that one who cares not.
“Hu Allah, Hu Allah,” he called out to his Beloved.
“Haq Allah, Haq Allah,” he praised his Benefactor.

A/n: The weeks theme shall be Spirituality. If you want to share a little something of your wonderful creation relevant to the theme, do so via the comments below. I promise to read and leave a comment! 😀


Thou art my grandest love,
for I love thee with mine self
without knowing thee,
without seeing thee.

Your love for me is grander,
for you love me-
a lowly ant of no consequence-
whilst you have so much to love
and so many to care for.

A/n: Today’s inspiration came from the song “Aik Alif” by Noori feat. Saieen Zahoor. The song is based on the work of the great sufi poet of the sub-continent, Baba Bulleh Shah. Here is a link to the song, if you want to check it out: https://tune.pk/video/61725/Aik-Alif-Noori-Saieen-Zahoor-Coke-Studio-Season-2. The translation is available here: http://www.koolmuzone.pk/forum/music-infonews/bulleh-shah-aik-alif-(lyrics-translation-history)/. 🙂

The poetry is beyond anything I can achieve, but it does inspire you to write now and then… If it inspires you to writing something, or if any song inspired you to write something, do share with me through the comments below. I promise to read! 🙂


Everyday, you dream,
you dream of one thing.
You wish and wish and pray,
you pray for it to come true.
God tests you and tests you again;
finally, opening doors towards it.
Then, you realise a new dream,
forgetting gratitude,
complaining of His silence.
So, He tests you again.