Demolition of Dreams

Boiling in a pool
of blood lay the queen of dreams,
killed by her own hand.



People are people,
nothing more; nothing lesser.
But some are special.


Who are we if not
lost creatures of God on earth,
wondering adrift?

A/n: So “Haiku” week begins here on! 🙂


Stay, my sweet adornment.
My last chance to drink you in-
stay a moment more.

Eyes seek you around,
sated not by mirages.
Halt your footsteps, stay.

Dreams with your glory,
destroy my soul, crunches heart,
breaks me like china.

Sounds that remind me
of your sweet jingle, throws me
out of world, this life.

So stay, a moment,
let me memorize details:
your profile, your voice.

Let me imprint you
on my mind, so when you leave
your echo guides me.