Disappointment The idea of god was born out of the ashes of broken heart lying at the base of fires of disappointment burning through the hearts of people for other people.
Time Ten months is a long time. Nine months not so much.
Silly In her own little way she told me to move on. I paid her no heed, thinking what a silly thing to say.
Simplicity In the folds of plain simplicity lies the rose of beauty untouched and forgotten. A/n: Back to themed weeks, well sort of. This week's posts are all going to be single sentences of abstract ideas.

Must you dream?

It hurts for me to see you bleed.
But you must bleed.
Oh you must bleed.

It aches deep
when I hear you scream.
But you must bleed.
Oh you must scream.

It kills me to break your dreams.
But love, you must bleed
and rot midst broken dreams.

It hurts for me to see you bleed.
But you must bleed.
Oh you must bleed.

And yet you still dream,
such strange wild dreams,
and say I must dream,
oh, I must dream.

Electrostatic Attraction

Aren’t all my rights close to all your wrongs?
Aren’t all my words near your silence of long?

We never talk, yet we have the same say.
We never see the other, yet we look the same way.

The winter chill that creeps around me,
whispers songs of love to your cold heart that noone sees.

The summer bloom in your garden glorious
meets my warm blood on walks clandestinely amorous.

But, all your wrongs are all my rights
and all my silences are your words’ delight.

Once Full, Once Empty

There were no words,
no verses, no songs.
Just a barren space
in that lonely heart,
wounded by despair-
foreign yet of-blood.

No poems were written,
no stories were told.
Songs were left unsung,
All words. Yet, unread.
Only a dark black cloud
shrouded the small sweet soul.

Then lightening struck,
a beating thunder heard,
words showered down,
from the dark black cloud
on the small sad soul,
engulfing every cell,
every wound, every thought.

Despair forgotten
words were written,
songs were sung,
stories undone.

As the cloud cleared,
the sun shone
on the once barren land.
Words were everywhere,
blooming, flourishing
in the garden of HOPE.

Thought # 56 – F 'F' And in time all that is meant to be revealed unveils. You just have to wait with patience and perseverance.
Thought # 55 Why dream big? Coz you need to reach for the stars to get to the moon. 😉
Thought # 54 – U 'U' Self-actualization is not hard to achieve. It is hard to maintain.
Thought # 53 – S 'S' Today is a new day, one of many that will take me closer to my dream if only I open my heart to the possibility and try!
Thought # 52 There is only One who can love unconditionally. For the One holds beloved all, the begger, the king, the infidel, the saint, the killer, the martyr. If only one were but to seek the One but once, they would know unconditional love. ~A/n: I have been having some trouble writing lately. So I appologise for the lack of poems and stories coming your way. Hopefully, my thoughts and book reviews won't bore you till my muse returns from their time off? 🙂
Thought # 51 People are never meant to stay. It is only their memories and the part of themselves that they have granted you that is meant to live on within you. People leave all the time, and to come to terms with this equals moving on in life.
Thought # 50 For sure, this is Fated. Lightening doesn't strike the same place twice, unless Fate beckons it towards destruction.
Thought # 49 The world allows you to believe whatever you want to believe. If only we could have learnt a few things from it and become more tolerant too.
Thought # 48 A demon on the outside and a demon inside is a million times better than an angel on the outside and human inside.
Thought # 47 This place is a barren sad land ruled by a tyrrant with no one to stand up to his madness without you here! I can't even tell you how much we miss your presence. 😥


As she stood there with a gun to her head, a tear formed behind her eyes and bile rose through her gut.

‘Dearie, you have to kill them to survive.’ The voice was malicious, cruel, menacing but nevertheless soft. Her hand ached under the weight of the rifle she held as children stood poised in front of her.

‘They aren’t real. This is just a dream. It is just a hallucination. Isn’t it?’ she thought. But they were children! They were someone’s little angels! And what if all of this was real?

Somewhere at the back of her mind a grave voice said, ‘there is no certainity in life apart from death.’ Another exclaimed, ‘What does it matter anyways? You are the bravest when you are the most selfless.’

Those two voices echoed through her mind and travelled through her blood. She shivered as she dropped the rifle from her hands and a loud bang reverberated throughout the dungeon. There was blood but there was no fear.

Thought # 46 I suppose we realise true beauty only when our eyes are closed to it and our hearts open! image


‘I saw in you such potential, and well you did not disappoint.’

Those words still echo through her head. For the first time, it felt like someone had believed in her.

Thought # 45 There are only a few people who understand you. There are even fewer who you know understand you. And all of them have the tendency to disappear when you need to be understood the most.