Perfect Horizon

beach birds calm clouds

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Waves crash, seagulls cawing,
All silent, universe aloud,
The Sun bidding farewell
to all those caring to look.

Distantly a ring, a bell
first signs of the existence of Man
came with schoolboys rushing
and a mast arising as a smudge
on the perfect horizon painted above.


Some dreams are meant to be crushed.
An ax to the heart-veins cut, arteries gushing.
Some thoughts are meant to be shushed.
A clamp to the tongue, invisible in the head.
Some dreams are meant to be crushed.
A club to the mind that yearns to be undone.

A/n: This week’s theme is for my “Thoughts” or statuses: “Three words say” 🙂

Breezy Memories

Childhood days-
breezy memories.
Our parents’ youth,
many moments merry.
Let’s forget not,
in this life- a mere reverie.

A/n: That’s it, the last post under the week’s theme. I had a lot of fun with it and judging by the support I got I am hoping you did too! Do let me know what you thought. 🙂 If anyone has any suggestion regarding future themes, feel free to share.

Starting from tomorrow, the theme of the week will be “Haiku“. So enjoy! 🙂

Restless Rumba

Their restless
rumba of
did nothing
to dissuade her.
But his one
move changed
the very
meaning of

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Invisible Stain

My words
leave invisible
of blood
out of a
broken heart.

A/n: This week is all about twitter’s #heartsoup.

If you are a micropoetry fan on twitter, you’d know that everyday there is a prompt under the tag. Hope you enjoy!



You may call me a
witch or a wench.
But the truth remains:
in my rejection
you are bound to find
a blessing greater
than reciprocation.

A/n: As you all know it is “Poe Inspires Poetry” week on, today’s poem is inspired by the following verses of Edgar Allan Poe’s poem, “Dreamland”
I hope you enjoyed. 🙂

“Never its mysteries are exposed
To the weak human eye unclosed;”


How long does forever last, ever wonder?
Sometimes, it lasts as long as a second’s torment.
Sometimes, as long as a moment’s happiness.
Sometimes, a lifetime’s misery.
Sometimes, an eternity of good deeds.

Forever, is a fickle thing. Infinity’s length unknown.
Forever, is a smile that turns your world round.
Forever, is indifference that pulls you down unto the ground.
Forever, is nothing but a thought of what ifs.
Forever, is everything but the thought of what ifs.



When real dreams turn
into fictional reality,
the world’s laws crumble.
You forget your place,
and humanity stands obliviated.
Two of each exist in your mind,
one- the real one,
one- your one.


A/n: This is inspired from someone who baffles everyone with their actions. The sad part is, I think they bewilder themselves too. 😦
Remember the theme for next week is eternity. So if you have anything to share regarding the theme, please do through a comment below! 😀

La Douleur Exquise

Wanting to be wanted-
nothing but a castaway thought.
Forgetting I’m forgotten-
wasting away in the rot.

A/n: Starting from tomorrow, this week is going to be all about eternity <—- theme of the week! 😉
So, stay tuned folks. 🙂
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Atlantean Betrothal

I was married to a dream-
a dream that was you.
Divorced from reality,
so committed was my soul,
even the thought of another
seemed sinful, adulterous.

A/n: This week it is all about allegory, metaphors and word play. Enjoy and stay tuned. If you have something of this sort to share, leave a link in the comments! 😉


If dreaming about you is so intense,
what would be to meet you?
To talk to you would be heavenly,
to hear you speak-fatality;
to see you, in person-syncope;
to feel you, touch you-dyspnea!

Bright Center and Dark Edges

She was the bright sunshine,
in the lives of many sad souls.
But she was neither yours nor mine;
she belonged to a facade of control.
Her beauty was in her words,
but eloquence evaded her tongue.
Her smiles were like painted birds-
always flying; never perched, never sung.
Existing only at the center,
she fades around the edges,
which, to non-existence, tether.
Among people she builds bridges.
Inside her own, she is destruction abound;
inside her soul, nothing but self hate is found.

To Love


Given the time,
the right circumstances
and the right amount of insanity,
any man can love any woman,
and any woman can fall for any man.
So to love was never unique.
It was always an illusion of something
that should be.