Taking Flight -For the love of God, don't change the flight of the bird. This bird will lose its wings if it has to bear the trauma once more. -Oh but don't you remember what Iqbal said "Tu Shaheen hai, parwaaz hai kaam tera / Terey samnay asmaan aur bhi hain" (You are an eagle and flight is your vocation / There are other skies stretched out before you)
Change? We wanted change? pfft... NO ONE wants change, love. No one wants change...
Silence The awkward moment when you read "Silence can never be misquoted" and think "Oh love, you don't know the people I know. They are expert misquoters of EVERYTHING including silence."
Time Remember, you DO NOT have the time or the energy to change people or try to fix them...
Diversity The problem is not that we don't have the right government or we don't have the correct system or we don't have sincerity or we don't have the right people... ... ... The problem is we REFUSE to embrace much less celebrate DIVERSITY. We want all to be ONE and we want all to be one as WE WANT one to be. It is an impossible predicament we need to let go off. There is no ONE WAY in any direction. Unity is unique to only ONE. We fail to realize that and hence, move around in circles blaming each other continuously. In the process, we have almost lost our culture, our language, our values and our people.
People They are just that... People... People... Somehow a little different but really just the same...
A Simpler World The world would have been so much simpler if every question had only two possible solutions: A. Yes and B. No, instead of three possible solutions: A. Yes, B. No and C. What If?
Absence makes the heart grow fonder? Whoever said that "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" did not take into account the human capacity to forget.
No means no… All the right answers are derived from wrong questions. So is there any such thing as a wrong question? A/n: Completely thrown today. In more ways than one. Tsk. Hope you all are having a better week than I. 🙂
Disappointment The idea of god was born out of the ashes of broken heart lying at the base of fires of disappointment burning through the hearts of people for other people.
Silly In her own little way she told me to move on. I paid her no heed, thinking what a silly thing to say.
Simplicity In the folds of plain simplicity lies the rose of beauty untouched and forgotten. A/n: Back to themed weeks, well sort of. This week's posts are all going to be single sentences of abstract ideas.
Thought # 56 – F 'F' And in time all that is meant to be revealed unveils. You just have to wait with patience and perseverance.
Thought # 55 Why dream big? Coz you need to reach for the stars to get to the moon. 😉
Thought # 54 – U 'U' Self-actualization is not hard to achieve. It is hard to maintain.
Thought # 53 – S 'S' Today is a new day, one of many that will take me closer to my dream if only I open my heart to the possibility and try!
Thought # 52 There is only One who can love unconditionally. For the One holds beloved all, the begger, the king, the infidel, the saint, the killer, the martyr. If only one were but to seek the One but once, they would know unconditional love. ~A/n: I have been having some trouble writing lately. So I appologise for the lack of poems and stories coming your way. Hopefully, my thoughts and book reviews won't bore you till my muse returns from their time off? 🙂
Thought # 51 People are never meant to stay. It is only their memories and the part of themselves that they have granted you that is meant to live on within you. People leave all the time, and to come to terms with this equals moving on in life.
Thought # 50 For sure, this is Fated. Lightening doesn't strike the same place twice, unless Fate beckons it towards destruction.
Thought # 49 The world allows you to believe whatever you want to believe. If only we could have learnt a few things from it and become more tolerant too.
Thought # 48 A demon on the outside and a demon inside is a million times better than an angel on the outside and human inside.
Thought # 47 This place is a barren sad land ruled by a tyrrant with no one to stand up to his madness without you here! I can't even tell you how much we miss your presence. 😥
Thought # 46 I suppose we realise true beauty only when our eyes are closed to it and our hearts open! image
Thought # 45 There are only a few people who understand you. There are even fewer who you know understand you. And all of them have the tendency to disappear when you need to be understood the most.
Thought # 44 Never fall for a man who is taken or a woman who is committed.
Thought # 43 Sometimes, the worst of things are a huge blessing in disguise.