Electrostatic Attraction

Aren’t all my rights close to all your wrongs?
Aren’t all my words near your silence of long?

We never talk, yet we have the same say.
We never see the other, yet we look the same way.

The winter chill that creeps around me,
whispers songs of love to your cold heart that noone sees.

The summer bloom in your garden glorious
meets my warm blood on walks clandestinely amorous.

But, all your wrongs are all my rights
and all my silences are your words’ delight.


A reckoning it was,
that we were mismatched.
Swore not to go there,
swore to move on,
promised myself to
let you go.



I couldn’t hold back,
checked once again.
And there it was
the most beautiful things
written for the world to
see and perceive.



I couldn’t keep hoping,
I couldn’t keep waiting.
‘Impossible,’ my mind
persuaded the heart.
‘Let go. Let go.’
The heart chanted.



‘One more peek and
that is it.’
The heart pleaded;
the mind conceded.
There it was,
a surprise for both.



‘I thought I knew you.
I thought I had you figured,’
poor mind thought.



‘I felt you weren’t so.
I felt you were different,’
poor heart felt.
‘I don’t want to fall
harder than before!’
They both exclaimed.

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Today’s poem was inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s poem, “A dream within a dream.” I hope you can spot the connection. 🙂



You may call me a
witch or a wench.
But the truth remains:
in my rejection
you are bound to find
a blessing greater
than reciprocation.

A/n: As you all know it is “Poe Inspires Poetry” week on atopsyturvyworld.wordpress.com, today’s poem is inspired by the following verses of Edgar Allan Poe’s poem, “Dreamland”
I hope you enjoyed. 🙂

“Never its mysteries are exposed
To the weak human eye unclosed;”

Soul Mates?

A/n: This week is going to be a little different and definitely more exciting. I am going to write about love/romance but all of my poems will be inspired by the works of Edgar Allan Poe. I cannot match the genius of the man, but to be inspired is something that cannot be helped.
Just a note, his words may or may not be about the same subject matter. 🙂

Today’s poem is inspired by the following lines from the beautiful poem “Annabel Lee”

And neither the angels in heaven above,
Nor the demons down under the sea,
Can ever dissever my soul from the soul
Of the beautiful Annabel Lee.

Soul Mates?

You were a piece of the puzzle,
that was my heart and soul.
You had gone missing
since the day I was born.
When I first saw your heart,
read through your soul,
the missing pieces of mine
started beating in you.
Half of me was lost in you
never to be found or fixed.
All of me was in pain,
all of me was suffering.
And then you were gone,
my missing pieces still with you.
I was left, bereft with empty
holes to bear and mend.
And you went on to live
burying those pieces away,
pretending they never were;
ensuring they never would be
found again.

All of You

A spark of electricity,
a shadow formidable;
you are insanity personified,
an epitome of coherence.

You are a sin most sinful,
you are a blessing most sweet!
Every imperfection is perfect,
and every edge, amiable.

A/n: This week it’s all about music, folks. 😀
Today, I have gained inspiration from “All of Me” by John Legend, especially by the lines: “You’re crazy and I’m out of my mind” and “You’re my downfall, you’re my muse”.
Go check out that beautiful song and I hope you enjoy my little poem too! 😀

Don’t forget, if that song inspires you to write something too, share it with me through a link in the comments and I promise to read! 😀

Disclaimer: The image was retrieved from http://angelicophelia.deviantart.com/art/Wilted-Rose-19777878


Two equals can never meet
but in sweet silent dreams.
No gigantic forces of
repulsion standing between
the two who were meant to be;
just soft hues of energy
holding them together in
lands of joy, beauty and love.

In the far away NeverLand of dreams
where pure honey flows in streams,
dodo birds, fly in flocks
time stands still, no ticking clocks,
we shall meet as equals,
as partners, not opponents,
fighting the same battles
and winning epic wars of love.

But she’s your opposite,
the one you talk of:
your perfect match.
Opposites attract even
outside dreams.
You can love her in real as
you can only dream of me;
as I, you.

So, I shall dream, leave me to it.
You go. Find her- your soul mate.
Leave me. Let me be.
Forever in NeverLand.

A/n: The image is from Disney’s depiction of “Peter Pan”. 🙂

He Didn’t Know

He played with words,
she merely recreated.
But he didn’t know that
she recreated perceptions of him.

He was an artist,
she merely painted images.
But he didn’t know that
she painted images of him.

He wanted to conquer the world,
she merely wanted to get him.
But he didn’t know that
she could fight the whole world to get him.

He wanted to travel the seven oceans,
she merely wanted to meet him.
But he didn’t know that
she could travel a million oceans to meet him.

He wanted to see the universe,
she merely wanted to meet his eyes, once.
But he didn’t know that
to meet his eyes, once,
she could travel to the farthest of stars
in the farthest of galaxies.

A/n: The image is of the Antennae Galaxies and was retrieved from wikipedia. 🙂


I stood on the edge of a cliff so high,
raging tides my sole companions.
Lost in thoughts of here and beyond,
at first, nothing saw, these eyes of mine.
Then, with a flash from heaven, they caught a fall.
A dark silhouette fell so low
from heights beyond the highest of peeks.
And these eyes fell too, they fell with it,
they fell for it, and there was no return.

Mine eyes, treacherous, made my feet run,
following the angel of darkness from hell.
Broken, battered, fallen was he,
cushioned on rocks: hard, heavy.
These eyes drunk in his form:
broken wings, bleeding in the storm.
The heavens flashed and thundered
as his black eyes met mine.

One look from him was enough a promise
of heaven and hell he hath been banished from.
Those smoldering eyes held the essence
of moonlit walks, of unsung songs,
of anger and love, of beauty’s disgrace.
They held life, yet mine saw only death.

He reached for my hand. I let him have it.
He smiled a sad, lonely smile,
and my besotted eyes leaked.
“Doomed are we all, aren’t we?”
A raspy whisper my ears heard,
a spark plugged through to my heart.
It beat so fast, like a drum falling.
My lungs refused to breath,
my mind rejected thoughts,
and my mouth, my poor tongue, uttered
nothing but, “I am.”

Alas, it was too late; for he had already gone
to a palace better or a niche worse,
never hearing my next words:
“I loved thee for seconds few
but I loved thee, wholly.
They may come with odes new,
but my heart will remain with you, solely.”

A/n: The image is taken from the cover of Becca Fitzpatrick’s novel ‘Hush Hush’

On Losing

You think of me; I think of him.
You picture me; I picture him.
You want me; I need him.
You dream of me in all my sweetness;
I dream of him in all his glory.
You hate me for not loving you back;
I resent him for not noticing me.
And we both think that he is, perhaps,
the luckiest bastard on the planet!
Yet, no one notices his sad smiles,
and no one pays attention
to the depth in his depressed Joy.
Sometimes, no one wins
and everybody is a loser.

 A/N: Written ages ago, but still applicable… =/ The beautiful art does not belong to me. It was taken from here: http://justjanga.blogspot.com/2011/01/love-triangles-and-daisy-bellamy.html

Darkness locked with Light

Darkness locked with Light

Night fell in love with the day,
her dark essence turned grey,
a red moon filled her soul,
her stars grew lighter, brighter.
Night fell hard, but days are fickle,
not like nights with the assurance
of darkness. Days-unpredictable.
So she broke, poor Night.
Her stars dimmed, blackened.
Her moon rose, turning bright,
seeking vengeance, sucking light.
Not much left of Night,
just a black black sky
and a blazing angry moon.

On Flying and Setting Free

You were here, always here,
it was I, who was nowhere
to be found.
I lived in some other dimension.
I travelled through other galaxies.
You are still here, stuck there.
And I? I am still travelling farther
away from all.
Let me fly, let me soar,
don’t hold me back.
Let me run, let me fall,
but don’t stop me.
With that, I set you free.
Go conquer the world,
make your own world,
or go with the flow.
Live your life as you want it to be,
and let me fly my own flights;
let me be, let me be.

Think of me, sometimes

Think of me, sometimes,
in the far away Neverland of dreams.
Where the Sun shines eternally,
where the trees stand tall and bountiful;
the birds chirp songs of love,
and streams of pure sparkling water flow.

Say my name, sometimes,
to test how it feels on your tongue.
Don’t let the winter chill your heart,
or freeze your words, let them flow freely.
Let the spark grow, let it transform into a fire,
let it burn, combusting all thoughts,
leaving but memories of sweet happiness.

In my heart

The Spring came and went
But no flowers blossomed.
The Summer conquered Winter
But it forgot to remove the chill.
The warmth that was in your presence
Has left me.
But I am fine to think that you
Still live on in my heart.

So the flowers do flourish
But only in the backyard of my heart.
And the winter chill is replaced
By the Sun in my soul.
For there is where you live on
Even though you have left this world.


Stay, my sweet adornment.
My last chance to drink you in-
stay a moment more.

Eyes seek you around,
sated not by mirages.
Halt your footsteps, stay.

Dreams with your glory,
destroy my soul, crunches heart,
breaks me like china.

Sounds that remind me
of your sweet jingle, throws me
out of world, this life.

So stay, a moment,
let me memorize details:
your profile, your voice.

Let me imprint you
on my mind, so when you leave
your echo guides me.

What is Love?

What is love?
but a creative writing assignment.
We write odes and ballads
for those we pretend to love:
such long letters, big words
and promises infinite,
all but forgotten, and broken
after a momentary frenzy of
deep affection…

Love is but a whiff-
a whiff of expensive perfume:
meant to last for a moment,
bringing such fickle joy,
priced at a lifetime of longing,
and wanting and