As she stood there with a gun to her head, a tear formed behind her eyes and bile rose through her gut.

‘Dearie, you have to kill them to survive.’ The voice was malicious, cruel, menacing but nevertheless soft. Her hand ached under the weight of the rifle she held as children stood poised in front of her.

‘They aren’t real. This is just a dream. It is just a hallucination. Isn’t it?’ she thought. But they were children! They were someone’s little angels! And what if all of this was real?

Somewhere at the back of her mind a grave voice said, ‘there is no certainity in life apart from death.’ Another exclaimed, ‘What does it matter anyways? You are the bravest when you are the most selfless.’

Those two voices echoed through her mind and travelled through her blood. She shivered as she dropped the rifle from her hands and a loud bang reverberated throughout the dungeon. There was blood but there was no fear.


‘I saw in you such potential, and well you did not disappoint.’

Those words still echo through her head. For the first time, it felt like someone had believed in her.

Snippet # 4 – Mentors

In life, you come across only a few who can be truly deemed mentor material. You know you would learn much from their genius and from the vastness of their experience. What you don’t know is that in real life they do not stick around for too long. By the time you really start learning from them, their departure draws closer and the curtains start falling on your chapter with them.

Snippet # 3 – Karma

There she was, Karma, one of the most fiendish looking creatures I had ever laid eyes on. Her long black locks had the allure to trap any man, and her dark magical eyes could hypnotize any soul. But I was neither a man, nor a soul.


She looked up with a raised eyebrow- a warning, a threat.

“Why do you like torturing people?” I sat down beside her. I knew she would hate my guts, but who cared. At least, I didn’t.

“Who said I liked torturing people? I only like teaching people a lesson. Nothing more, nothing less,” she almost sang. “Take you, for instance. You think you are worth more, and I’ll show you that you are worth naught.”

Her smile unnerved me. But I could not be moved, not an inch.

“Oh Karma, but I am kind to all that you refer to,” I said.

“Don’t worry my child,” she cooed. “All that you refer to shall be kind too.”

“What do you mean?” I was perplexed.

“Oh my sweet, you break hearts. Your heart shall also be broken. I agree that you are kind in your business of crushing dreams. Your dreams will also be crushed with kindness. But your kindness will not protect your dreams, just as those whose dreams you crushed with kindness remained unprotected.”

She thought she had gotten under my skin. She could not have been more wrong. I was not made of porous material. She should have known that nothing penetrates through to a soulless, heartless demon like me.

“Oh pretty Karma, you can crush my dreams all you want, but you can never break my heart.” Poor soul was bewildered at my obnoxious claims.

“We’ll see,” she said.

I gave her a toothy grin and whispered in her pointy ear. “How will you break a heart that doesn’t exist? How will you crush a soul that is no where to be found?”

I left Karma there perched on a log I didn’t see along a stream I cared not for. Her eyes were as big as saucers and her lips trembled in fear. She never crossed my path again. My dreams were crushed as she promised they would be, with kindness too. But, my nonexistent heart remained just as nonexistent, and my soulless body remained just as soulless as I had promised too.

Snippet # 2 – Life

They all say that life is unfair, that mother nature is a bitch, that life is always ready to screw things over for you, that the universe tends to work against you more than it aids your cause etcetera etcetera etcetera…

There is no denying that life is anything but tragic- a downward trajectory. Yet, life is beautiful. Do you know why? Life is beautiful, because there is no beauty in bliss, there is no beauty in perfection and there is no beauty in the rise. Beauty always associates itself with tragedy, with imperfection and with the fall of a risen star. There is beauty in destruction. There is beauty in depression. There is beauty in the fall and there is beauty in the depth of that fall. There is beauty in breaking down.

But, that is not the only thing that makes life beautiful. What makes life the most exquisite of entities in the world, the most mesmerizing of things in the universe and the most compelling of temptations in the here and beyond is the rise after that fall. Life is beautiful, because it gives you everything and then it takes it all away. Then it lets you suffer and repent and cry in misery, just to give you a second chance. It lets you fall and then it picks you up again, making you a tougher, purified, grander version of the self you were before.

Snippet – Constantly Moving

Some may call it constantly on the move, forward thinking, forward moving, etc… But that is not who I am. I am a person suspended in time, unable to find roots, unable to set in anywhere permanent. I fear it will stagnate me, transforming me into a pool of filth that will be home to none but a swarm of mosquitoes.

But then there was a moment, a spark that ignited a dying flame. It made me want to stay, it demanded I come to a halt. Alas, it was too late, as I had already driven things into a momentum, unbreakable. I was already in an orbit around the Sun, and that spark, that ignited flame burnt out on Earth. I was flying away from its source – itself oblivious to my predicament. My heart called out for it, but the momentum could not be broken, so my body detached itself from those ugly veins and those filthy arteries. It left the heart on Earth and reached up for the sky. I felt suspended again. In time, in space. I had no roots. I was a soul without a heart and that without a body, forever stagnated into motion.

A/n: Hey folks, it is still “Poe Inspires Poetry” week here on, but today I felt like starting¬†something new. This is a new series: little snippets ¬†of prose. I hope these tiny pieces will encourage me to write more and finally get a short story up from time to time. I am really struggling with those at the moment.

Feedback would be great! Enjoy!